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This screencast starts by showing you how to enable SNMP on a Cisco router (please note the configuration of other Cisco devices such as catalyst switches is slightly different). Then we look at getting all log messages forwarded through to Zenoss so they show up as Zenoss events. I then go back and setup forwarding of the /var/log/syslog to Zenoss on the Linux server we configured in the first Zenoss screencast.

(I ran over the youtube limit of 10 minutes with this video and so had to upload it to google video instead. As a result the quality isn’t quite as good. Sorry, won’t happen again)


Cisco configuration

conf t
hostname router1
int fa0/0
ip address

snmp-server community public RO
snmp-server contact Joe Admin
snmp-server location Brisbane QLD Australia

copy run start

Linux Configuration:

vim /etc/syslog.conf
(add the line: *.* @
update-rc.d sysklogd restart


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  1. Hi, and thanks alot for your howto’s. I appreciate them greatly. I was wondering if you could make one on how to monitor windows servers by(windows server 2008 for instance) by use of Zenoss

  2. Dude, thank you so much for posting these tutorials! Fabulous!

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